Pack becomes family

Pack becomes family

Wolffkran presents the new WOLFF 21 FX Family at bauma 2022

Pack becomes family

According to current industry statistics, tower cranes in the 141 to 200-mt segment are among the most demanded models in the European market, prompting Wolffkran to expand its portfolio in this range. The result is not just three new "Wolffs" but an entirely new crane concept: The WOLFF 21 FX Family. It consists of the three flat-top models WOLFF 6021 FX, 6521 FX, and 7021 FX, which all have a tip load capacity of 2.1 tonnes. The use of common components results in numerous advantages for customers.

At bauma 2022, Wolffkran will present the 200-mt WOLFF 7021 FX. "With a 70-meter jib and a lifting capacity of 12.5 tonnes, it is not only the largest of the three family members but also best in the market in terms of lifting capacity," emphasizes Dr. Mohamed Abouelezz, Product Manager at Wolffkran.

One family, many advantages

Aside from the WOLFF 7021 FX, the crane family includes the WOLFF 6521 FX, with a 65-meter jib and maximum lifting capacity of 12.5 tonnes, and the WOLFF 6021 FX, with a 60-meter jib and a maximum lifting capacity of 10.5 tonnes. "Introducing the 21 FX Family, we are launching three new WOLFF cranes in the much demanded 141 to 200-mt range built with the same basic components. All models have identical outer jib sections, the same counter jib and slewing frame. In addition, they are fitted with the same hoist rope diameter and an identical trolley and hook block," explains Mohamed Abouelezz.

The new WOLFF 21 FX Family is particularly interesting for contractors and crane rental companies who have previously relied on the popular WOLFF models 6020 Clear and 6031 Clear. It offers them greater flexibility, shorter lead times, and attractive pricing in this crane class. Other advantages of the new family concept include economical spare parts stocking and a reduced training effort for assembly staff. "All together crucial benefits not only in times of global crises," says Abouelezz. "Another relevant aspect for our customers is that we plan to introduce further FX crane families in larger classes in the medium term. These will also include components from the 21 FX Family," says the product manager. The new WOLFF 21 FX cranes are the first Wolffkran models ready to  operate the new High-Speed-Positioning-System as standard, which will be demonstrated at our bauma booth.

Standing strong on a small tower

The WOLFF 21 FX Family cranes are pure 2-fall cranes. They are each available with two hoist winches: The WOLFF 6021 FX with an 8.5 t and a 10.5 t hoist winch, the WOLFF 6521 FX and 7021 FX with the same 10.5 t hoist winch as their smaller sibling, and a 12.5 t hoist winch.

At the tip, all three models lift 2.1 tonnes in normal operation and 2.3 tonnes with the WOLFF Boost function activated.

The WOLFF 21 FX Family is flexible when it comes to tower connection: All three models are available with a 2.0 x 2.0-meter UV/TV 20 tower connection or a 1.5 x 1.5-meter connection for Wolffkran's new TV 15 tower system. "This is ideal for spacerestricted job sites since the WOLFF 21 FX Family cranes thus fit in elevator shafts," explains Mohamed Abouelezz. "With a considerable tower height of 45 meters in the case of the WOLFF 7021 FX with full jib of 70 meters."

New patented jib design and optimized transport and assembly properties.

A WOLFF would not be a WOLFF if it were not well-conceived down to the smallest detail concerning assembly and transport. The jib sections' lower chord connection has been redeveloped with a patented design. Thanks to this, the jib can be assembled with minimal effort. The new development also has advantages when the crane is in operation, with the trolley traveling even more smoothly along the jib. Maximum component weights of 7.9 tonnes further facilitate assembly, allowing all three WOLFF 21 FX Family models to be erected with a 100-tonne mobile crane at a tower height of 40 meters. Optimized for transport, 40 meters of jib can fit one truck and 30 meters in an overseas container. The hook block and trolley can be transported and assembled as a unit.

The WOLFF 21 FX Family cranes are expected to be used both on the European market and in Asia. Furthermore, there will be a US version with adapted electronics. For maximum cost efficiency, some standard functionalities can now be booked as an option.