A best-seller amidst new products

A best-seller amidst new products

Wolffkran presents its largest flat-top crane WOLFF 7534 Clear at bauma 2022

A best-seller amidst new products

Flat-top cranes are in demand due to their efficient and safe assembly characteristics and economical use on busy multi-crane sites. Therefore, Wolffkran will be showcasing its tried and tested WOLFF 7534 Clear alongside the new WOLFF FX 7021 Clear. Launched in 2016, the strongest WOLFF flat-top crane quickly established itself in Central, Western, and Northern Europe. Continuously gaining popularity in North America, the manufacturer also launched a US version of the best-selling crane in 2017.

The WOLFF 7534 Clear is available in two versions. The WOLFF 7534.8 is a pure 2-fall crane with a maximum load capacity of 8.5 tonnes and a tip load of 3.4 tonnes. The WOLFF 7534.16 can be reeved from 2-fall to 4-fall operation and has a maximum load capacity of 16.5 tonnes. The proven 45 kW and 75 kW hoisting winches guarantee fast working speeds and offer hook heights of 190 meters and 460 meters, respectively.

Although "topless", top with regards to assembly and transport

Due to its flat-top design, the WOLFF 7534 Clear is particularly suitable for multi-crane construction sites where cranes have to slew above each other. Like all WOLFF flat-top cranes, the WOLFF 7534 Clear scores with a clear and "tidy" design of its flattop, allowing easy access to all parts.

The flat-top design also offers the added benefit that the jib can be assembled in the air. This often comes into play in case a small mobile crane is used for the assembly or there is not enough space on the ground available for the preassembly. Attachments such as the hoisting winch, railings, and bracing rods are preassembled on the counter jib. The 2.7-tonne concrete counterweights are the same size and quickly and safely fitted on the counter jib using the proven quick-release axle system.

All components of the WOLFF 7534 Clear are optimized for container transportation. The two-tier counter jib can be folded down or separated for transport purposes and fits on a regular truck or semi-trailer in one piece. The platform with the hoisting winch can easily be separated from the counter jib to reduce assembly weights.

Standard equipment for more comfort and safety

The WOLFF 7534 Clear comes with the high-quality WOLFF Cab. This is preassembled on the cabin platform together with the switch cabinet. All attachments such as railings and platforms are galvanized for more durability. The crane controls also leave nothing to be desired with the integrated WOLFF Link diagnostic tool, anticollision interface, working range limitation, slack rope monitoring and WOLFF Boost, which increases the load capacity by 10 percent.   Another feature will soon be added, the WOLFF High-Speed Positioning System, an electronic assistance system by means of which the load can be moved and positioned almost sway-free.